Attention former Easton Bank & Trust customers: Please see the
revised Online Banking letter with a few minor corrections.

1880 Bank Business VISA CheckCard


Business Visa CheckCard

1880 Bank offers a Business Visa CheckCard that can be used for business expenses instead of writing checks and has no monthly or annual fees, and no finance charges. This card is a powerful money management tool for commercial banking purposes!

The CheckCard is for businesses that…

  • want 24/7 purchasing power with a CheckCard that doubles as an ATM card
  • need an accessible and flexible method to make purchases in person, by phone or over the internet
  • want worldwide acceptance (use at millions of locations worldwide), even for automatic monthly business expenses like utilities, cell phone bills, parking and transportation, and more
  • have multiple authorized signers – no need to split up checks or determine what happened to a missing check

Facts you need to know about our Business VISA CheckCard:

  • Check card that can be used to make purchases, withdrawals, and transfers from a business checking account
  • Powerful money management tool that works better than cash or checks
  • Gives businesses the convenience & control to take care of banking & purchasing needs, anytime, anywhere
  • Private: Make purchases without disclosure of personal information (address & phone number remains confidential), unlike a check.
  • Flexible: Make purchases in person, by phone or over the internet
  • Convenient: Use of the card for business expenses instead of writing checks. Each purchase amount is deducted from the business checking account
  • Free. No monthly or annual fees, and no finance charges, unlike a traditional business credit card
  • The card must be used for commercial purposes; no consumer use permitted
  • Use for Point of Sale (“POS”) – PIN & signature
  • Make ATM – inquiries, deposits, and transfers

Business Visa CheckCard

Attention Former Easton Bank & Trust Customers:

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