Save time and money with ExpressDeposit for business.



ExpressDeposit enables business customers to make check deposits without going to the bank. A scanner and computer are all you need to make deposits anytime without leaving your office.


  • Saves time and money by simply depositing checks at your office
  • Enables same-day deposits
  • Allows you to make deposits at any time, day-or-night
  • Optimizes cash flow by giving you faster access to your money
  • Virtually endorses deposited checks
  • Has a Web-based user interface
  • Centrally manages deposit activity across multiple locations
  • Exports Data for third-party accounting or archiving
  • Provides check verification (all checks archived electronically)
  • Eliminates calls to bank for research requests
  • Ensures data integrity through high reliability and quality thresholds
  • Provides multifactor authentication to limit unauthorized access

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