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SecurLOCK™ Equip

SecurLOCK™ Equip

The simple, secure way to manage and protect your cards.

Introducing SecurLOCK Equip

At 1880 Bank, we are committed to keeping your payment cards safe. SecurLOCK Equip is a new mobile app that allows you to control how, when and where your debit and/or credit cards are used. It is a simple and secure way to manage and monitor your payment transaction activity. SecurLOCK Equip can help keep your payment cards safe and provide instant notifications whenever your card is used.

SecurLOCK Equip Features:

  • Turn entire card on and off or by channel (in-store, online, mobile, ATM, etc.)
  • Set transaction spend limits
  • Select geographic locations where the card can be used
  • Set merchant locations
  • View recent transactions
  • Receive alerts

Download the App
Use your smartphone, iPad® or Android tablet to download theSecurLOCK™ Equip app FREE from the following sites: