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Mobile Security

Mobile devices take the convenience of online banking to the next level: not only can you bank anytime, you can bank anywhere.

However, if you use your mobile device to do your online banking, take these special precautions.

Do not leave your device unattended or lend it to other people. Anytime you are not at home and have your device with you, the best advice would be to never let it out of your sight.

If your device is lost or stolen, the first thing unscrupulous people will look for is your financial and personal information. If you lose your device, or change carriers or phone numbers, call our Customer Service line as soon as possible toll-free at 844-301-1880. (Some device makers include a feature that lets you ‘wipe’ or clear information from the phone remotely.)

Utilize whatever locking features your mobile device offers. Do not use voice, text or e-mail to transmit your account information via a mobile device.